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春回堂 Good Spring Co Ltd (Chun Wui Tong)

Reviewed by Vina Shum


Chun Wui Tong - Good Spring Company Limited Address:
G/F 8 Cochrane Street
Central, Hong Kong
Tel: 2544 3518
MTR*: Central
Cuisine: Dessert/ Chinese Herbal Tea
Payment: Cash only
Opening Hour:08:45-20:00


This traditional teahouse has existed for many years. You will see many people standing by the counter, drinking their herbal tea. Their Chinese Medicine doctor can speak English. Each herbal tea gives you a thrilled and enthralled feeling. Come and have a try!


Service: 3/5
Taste: 4/5
Environment: 4/5
Cleanness: 4/5
Location: 4/5

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The entrance on Stanley Street


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